Skillshare Online Lessons For Everyone My Feed back.

I signed up to Skillshare Because of free trial.

The afternoon BEFORE my trial was supposed to end I got an email from them thanking me for subscribing to Premium.

Naturally, I was perplexed. It's normal for companies to provide free trials in hopes that you like the item enough to actually cover it. What isn't normal is for the company to LIE to you and charge you the day before the free trial will end, in effect frees you and then quitting your cash. I was mad.

I looked online and after 30 minutes of digging, I found a phone number for your firm (Red flag, and exactly what legitimate company doesn't have an easily accessible customer service number?) . I called this number and it moved straight to voicemail. Now I was freaking out cause all these adventures were causing me to think this really was a scam. The only option left to me is to write them an email through their website. This was more than 3 months past, and I have yet to get a response.

I am appalled at the way they handle company (by first tricking their clients, then ignoring their issues). They stole my money without any warning and are currently unreachable.

I went back on their website and even their advertising for Premium is really a lie. It clearly says that your Premium accounts is cancelable at any time. What they actually mean is it's possible to cancel it so it won't revive at the next billing cycle (which is an entire year!!) . They're SkillShare Review - Wondershare Filmora crooks. If their content were any good, I'd have happily continued using their solutions, but each of their videos are items I can locate on YouTube or other places at no cost. The only thing that I am do now is save other people the hassle.

DO NOT sign up for your free trial. Should you do a little more research you will find a plethora of other reviews such as mine.

Proceed into or even YouTube. Please, don't make the same mistake that I did, and keep away!!

I wrote to Skillshare one final time, also it looks like from the previous 4 weeks they have really upped their customer service game. I obtained a biased response apologizing for my previous experience and with an offer to repay me all of my money. This gesture has been more than I expected, and I am grateful to know that individuals do really work at this business, and it seems they're listening to the negative reviews and attempting to make a much better firm. I have a sour taste in my mouth, but I really feel like after they ended up giving me my cash back I should update my review and provide them more than 1 star.

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